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Let's Talk Skincare!

Let's Talk Skincare!

Hi friends! 

Throughout history, skincare has been the epitome of health and wellness. Therefore, every day across the globe, people dedicate time, effort and money to enhance the look of their skin. Yet, searching for the optimal products and perfected routine is not an easy task and can be very challenging. Please allow us to help you, friend! 

Let’s not only talk skincare, let’s talk Korean skincare! With our owner and founder, Nicole Roby, having a passion for skincare combined with her deep family roots in the beauty industry in Seoul, Korea, it was a must for her to incorporate a Korean skincare line into Rome Curate. Referred to as “K-beauty,” Korean skincare has evolved into a widely recognized phenomenon. Sustaining its position as a hot topic of discussion for quite some time now, South Korea has undeniably been among the top leaders in the beauty industry. Its all-natural products and multi-stepped skincare routine has sparked widespread interest. 

Rome Curate is proud to be a vessel for Korean skincare products, such as The History of Whoo, a luxury Korean brand that implements modern technology to the ancient regimes used by Korean Empresses (History of Whoo, n.d.), and O HUI, also a luxury Korean brand that uses innovation to collect plant stem cells for anti-aging purposes (K-Beauty Makeup, n.d.).

One of our favorite products is the O HUI step two prime advancer ampoule mask! This mask is composed of adenosine, which is a therapeutic agent that contains anti-aging and repairing properties, according to researchers from the National Library of Medicine and Medical News Today (National Library of Medicine, Medical News Today, n.d.). This ampoule mask would make a great addition to your skincare routine! 

For the rest of today’s blog, we want to walk you through the step by step of how to properly apply the O HUI prime advancer ampoule mask so that your skin can be on its way to looking fresh, youthful and revitalized! Our recommendation is to incorporate the mask into your nightly routine, allowing the serum ample time to deeply soak into your skin. But of course, we also love using the mask before any special event to give our skin that extra glow! 

First things first 

Start with a clean face! Be sure to thoroughly wash your face so that all makeup and residue is completely wiped away. Then using clean hands, properly apply O HUI’s step one prime advancer ampoule serum by spreading the serum evenly across your face. Let it fully dry before applying step two. 

The mask

For the next step, carefully remove the mask from its packaging and apply directly onto the face. Start by applying the mask to the forehead and then press into the sides of the nose. Then pulling the mask towards your face, ensure that all edges are aligned with the outer line of your face. Be sure to lightly press your mask against your face to ensure proper absorption. 


Now, it's time to sit back and relax while leaving the mask on for at least 10 minutes, but no longer than 20 minutes. This step is crucial to allow the adenosine serum to properly soak into your skin. If you don’t have time to sit, no need to worry! The serum will cause the mask to stick to your skin without having to manually hold it into place, so you can continue to go about your routine while letting the mask do its job. 

Last but not least

Remove the mask by gently peeling away from your face. Then, rub in any remaining serum from the mask onto your skin. Following that, once your skin has had time to dry, apply the last step of O HUI’s prime advancer. With clean hands, message the cream onto your face. 

The reveal 

After you’ve finished all three steps of O HUI’s prime advancer ampoule mask, be sure to let your skin dry before applying any makeup. Once drying is complete, you are ready to go with a face all aglow!

We hope that this information and guide is helpful to you. We are so excited to join the Korean skincare community and encourage you to consider joining us too!

With love,

The Rome Curate Team