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All roads lead to Rome.

Rome more, worry less.

Home sweet Rome.

This collection of professional photography for sale was taken in Victoria, Australia and consists of four photographs by Paul Scott.  The rock formations stand tall out of the ocean along the coast line.

Australian Apostles


The twelve apostles were photographed by award-winning photographer, Paul Scott. Paul traveled to the coast of Victoria, Australia to capture these exquisite limestone stacks located along the Great Ocean Road. 

Each photograph is locally printed and framed in a three-quarter-inch Italian molding with a two inch conservation mat. Both mat and backing are made with non-acidic materials to ensure optimal preservation of the photograph. 

Each sold separately.

Unframed photos are 20" x 16" and 12" x 16"

Standard framing option includes a 2" mat and 3/4" frame.

Contact us for custom mat and framing options- 205.938.4877 or

StyleAustralian Apostles Gallery- Prints Only

Australian Apostles